• I hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break and was able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. I did a lot of walking, dug up some potatoes at a field in Bow, finished some sewing projects and did some much needed weeding! As always, I'm missing my kiddos terribly but am so glad we are staying safe!

     This week students can continue to use online resources such as MobyMax and RAZ Kids for both math and reading as well as many other subjects. The nice thing about these platforms is the content should be at each student's level, I can see their progress and the student and I can message each other. It has been really nice to connect with students, and some parents, via these programs. See the pages above this one for more information on using these programs. If you would like your child to have access to a tablet or computer please call 360-466-3171 or 360-301-3594 to let the district know or click on this link to take the survey now:

     Some parents may not have access to technology yet or are ready for some pen and paper work for their child. Parents may pick up this work outside the Elementary School on Fridays between 10:00 and 2:00. The work will be sorted by bus run. The district would prefer that people who wish to have packets pick up the work themselves. Work not picked up will be delivered. Remember, this work is not required and is mostly for families that don't have access to technology.

    For math I've included materials from the fractions unit we were getting ready to start. I have prepared the first ten lessons for students to start on. On Youtube Duane Habecker has done a great job making 5-10 minute videos that explain the gist of each lesson. You can find that link here. I've also included the answers so parents can look over their child's work and see if they are headed in the right direction. Completed work can be sent back to me again on Fridays as well. 

    For reading I'm sending home each student's "Book of Knowledge" so they can continue to do the "Article a Day" routine. I've included directions and articles for your child to use. Basically, the student reads an article, highlights interesting facts, and then takes notes in their "Book of Knowledge". Afterwards they can choose to dig deeper into the subject and find related facts on the internet to write down as well as including drawings or diagrams. Here is a link to a short video on this routine. To make this even more appealing to kids they can read articles on any website or subject hey'd like.

    As always, I am happy to address any questions or just have a quick visit with you and your child. I can be reached at:


    text/phone: 360-708-3892

    Zoom or Facetime by appointment

    Take care and stay safe!