• Dear Families,                                   

    All teachers met today to get some guidance from the district as to what they would like us to do to support our students at this time. They’ve requested that we email families once a week with activities that students might access to help them retain skills during this time. As not all students have access to technology we will try to have a variety of activities. If you would like to have access to a computer please call 360-466-3171 or 360-301-3594 to let the district know.


    If your child has access to a laptop or tablet I suggest they spend time on Moby Max each day. Moby Max offers a linear approach to learning and reteaches when your child makes a mistake. You will get the most bang for your buck using this platform. It has the added benefit of allowing me to see your child’s progress and to send a message to your child. For more information on how to log in and access MobyMax see the page before this labeled "COVID19 Learning fro Home Activities".

    They could spend time on MobyMax doing:

     20-30 minutes “Math”

    5-10 min. “Fact Fluency”


    If your child hasn’t taken the “Reading Level Assessment” yet, do this first.

    20-30 minutes exploring, “Reading Stories, Reading  Skills Literature and Informational”

    20-30 minutes exploring “Writing Workshop and Writing Assignments”

    Doing the above items will go a long ways to retaining skills. I am happy to Zoom/Face time with students to get them started on Moby Max.

     If technology is not available, reading books is great. Maybe get in a routine of reading after dinner each night as you would have when school was in session and marking it on a calendar.

     For an alternative for math kids can play “Multiplication War”.

     Stress is a factor for us as well as our kids at this time. Ask your child to explain the different breathing techniques we’ve learned so far this year. Maybe they could make a poster for some of the different types: Rainbow, STAR, Pretzel, Balloon, Drain, Finger, Square, etc. and take a picture and send it to me! Here is a link to refresh their memories!

     Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I am happy to talk to you!

     I’d love any photos you’d like to send me. I miss my kiddos so much! I’m also happy to receive emails or “snail mail” letters from them. I’ll definitely write back! My address is:

    Mrs. Bruland

    21096 Thillberg Ln

    Mount Vernon, Wa 98273


    Have a great week and stay healthy!-Mrs. B.