• Technology Learning Opportunities for Grades 3-5


    1 – Type to Learn

    Work on that for 20 minutes a day.  To log in, follow the steps on the quarter sheet sent home.  Steps summarized here:


    2 – Exploration Projects

    Exploration projects are posted in Google Classroom to allow you to explore learning with some guidance.  These will update weekly.  Students, start with the oldest task first as they build upon each other.  Mark tasks as completed and turn in as you finish so I can give feedback on your work


    Some thoughts on this - Take some time and complete the task over several days – no rushing through.  That way, you get the chance to think on the task and can explore more deeply as ideas come to you.  The key here is deep exploration rather than finishing it up quickly!


    Be sure to attach your documents, images, or other items to the task in Classroom.  When done, mark as complete and send me an email that it is done and I will give feedback on your explorations. 


    Steps to log into google classroom:

    • Access classroom.google.com
    • Enter school email address. Example student Jane Doe in graduating in 2029 is janed29@lc.k12.wa.us
    • Double check the @lc.k12.wa.us part as the default is gmail.com and will not work!
    • Enter your long password … the one with nonsense words, digits, special characters, etc.


    If there are questions about the projects, send them to my teacher email address.  I will check email and be available to respond each morning between 8:30 and noon.  In the afternoons I will be on other technology tasks so a lot less able to get right back to you, but you will have an answer by the next day. 


    3 – Learn a New Tool

    There are many tools out there that are useful and fun.  Below I list some tools that you can learn about just for fun and interest. Most of them require you to create an account so be sure to do this with your family's involvement and permission.

    https://www.beautiful.ai/ - Alternative fun, more interesting way to create presentations

    https://wakelet.com/ - Great way to collect, keep track of and share online information 

    https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview - Create 3D drawings for 3D printing

    https://www.audacityteam.org/ - Fantastic for creating and recording podcasts.  Quicktime (on your Mac) is simpler and also works well


    4 – Explore Quality Websites

    Smithsonian for Kids

    Time for Kids

    BBC History for Kids

    PBS Kids

    National Geographic Kids

    Math Games

    Epic Books

    Discovery Kids

    Cool Math


    Final thought, do not sit in front of a screen for hours on end each day.  Take breaks away, be active, let your eyes see outside, then come back to the work.