• Continuous Learning Opportunities for Yearbook

    We need content for the empty pages of the yearbook

    • Utilize the composition techniques you've learned to take pictures of your experience in self isolation...
      • What are you doing, what kind of things are you doing to stay entertained
      • What do your food supplies look like? Toilet paper supply?
      • Empy streets? Other documentation of the event
    • Be sure to make the picture interesting, well composed, and tell a part of this story.
    • What will interest you and others when you are looking at this years from now
    • Thoughts, quotes, stories of the Stay-at-home experience

    Grades are entered and up-to-date on Skyward. To boost grades, send me documentation of your experience… send to my email address rhiller@lc.k12.wa.us. I am happy to count that against prior required work.

    • You all still have access to the Walsworth yearbook tool on-line, so any work there would be helpful. Right now I hope to still submit April 15th... but it will only be as good as we all make it.
    • The entire photography course is available in Rezzly. If you do assignments there, let me know via email so I can provide feedback on them and open more quests. Again, any work here can be applied to past graded assignments.

    In addition, I’m always available to help with tech questions, as well as any photography or yearbook questions... or anything really.

    First and foremost, take care of yourselves and your families, avoid contact with others, work your brain each day, and spend some time active and outside (away from others!)… again, use this time to take pictures!

    Please don’t hesitate to email with questions, concerns, or some direction in your learning!