• Here are some of the tools we have in our classroom that are available to you here now. These are all of the posters we have created over the year to help us understand MANY different concepts! 

    Converting Length

    Division Methods


    Multiplication Methods

    Place Value/Standard Form/Word Form/Expanded Form

    Convert Measurement-Metric


    How to use your remainder


    Additional FUN math resources:


    Moby Max  : 

    School Code: wa1813

    if you need student log in information please contact your students' teacher.


    Khan Academy  : This is a site that is free. It covers all of the standards addressed in every grade. It has videos, practice problems, lessons, etc. If you want to cover some of the units we have did not get to yet this school year, try on some decimals, fractions with UNLIKE denominators, and geometry. 


    Math Card Games : This site has FANTASTIC ideas for games you can play with your kids at home during this time!!! All you need is a deck of cards and a growth mindset! Remember, it is ok to be learning alongside your student. We have been talking about the “growth mindset” a lot this year and how that does not just apply to students, but also to the adults! Model persevering through the struggle to learn something new, that may just be the most powerful take away for them. We are ALL lifelong learners!

    Extra Math : Miss Finley comes through AGAIN! She told me to share this site with you guys becasue it has a ton of great options for fun math activities. 


    https://dynamath.scholastic.com: Finley shared this fun math website with me and I thought you all would enjoy! 

Math Tools


    Note from Miss Lee (March 23rd, 2020): Send your answer to the story problem challenge OR any new story problems you have created!

    Please feel free to send them my way so I can add them to our page as we go! Email me at: mlee@lc.k12.wa.us 

    Challenge: Who can come up with a story problem that others will have to solve??? Please email me your story problem and I will post it to this page to challenge other students!!! 


    Miss Lee's Example:

    Miss Lee has 26 students in her class. She assigns each student one reading lesson a day. Each unit is 18 lessons. How many lesson pages does Miss Lee have to grade? 

    Each unit had 3 text tests, that are assigned to each student. How many tests does Miss Lee have to grade? 

    In all, how many tests and assignments does Miss Lee have to grade for one reading unit? 


    Finley's Story Problem:

    Katie was making a cake for her family she needed 2 1/4 cup flour. She only had 

    1 3/4 cup flour. How much more flour will she need?



    Finley's Story Problem: 

    Ms.Larson told her students to read 2/3 of an hour everyday for 5 days a week. How many minutes is that each day? How many minutes is that in a 5 day week?