Monkey Man
  • Figurative Language
















    Follow the prompt in the picture and send me all of the figures of speech you see. 

    Their Example: "Cat's got his tongue."

    My Example: "Born with a silvespoon in his mouth." 

    Share your findings so I can add them to the list. Can we find ALL 27??? 


    Draw a picture showing another figure of speech and share with me, I will add it to our page to see if our friends can figure it out! 

Weekly writing challenge

  • Weekly Writing Challenge

    • Please write in any mode you prefer! Tell me a story (writing a narrative). Tell me what you think (writing an opinion), or teach someone else about the image (writing an informative). You could even write a comparative, if you wanted to get really creative! 


      OTHER options:

      Write me a meme: Think about our figurative language unit... how could you use what you learned about similies, metaphors, personification, hyperbole and alliteration to make your meme SUPER interesting.... Who knows maybe you could create the next one to go viral! 

      Create a comic: Use this picture to inspire next comic adventure! 


      Angus takes on a snake!

      Read all about Angus' experience with a pesty little snake since he has been home! 

      Spring Break Snake