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    2022-2023 HS ASB Officers

    Executive Officers: Brian Milliren

    President: Rachel Haley

    Vice President: Emily Smith

    Treasurer: Hadley Shears

    Secretary: Odessa Bates


    Class Officers:

    Senior Class of 2023: Theresa James

    President - Open

    Vice President - Jamie Damien-Sams

    Treasurer - Open

    Secretary - Sammy Davidson


    Junior Class of 2024: Kamea Luna

    President - Jack Dougliss

    Vice President - Natalee Koch

    Treasurer - David Holt

    Secretary - Abigail Udlock


    Sophomore Class of 2025: Liz Baun

    President - Matthew Stone

    Vice President - CJ Edwards

    Treasurer - Kendall Lee

    Secretary - Lily Dougliss


    Freshman Class of 2026: Michelle Slater

    President - Mason Magill

    Vice President - Hayden Bill

    Treasurer - Katie Cayou-Lockrem

    Secretary - Olie Phillips

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Last Modified on January 18, 2023