• Title 1c Migrant Education Program

    The Migrant Education Program (Title IC) is a federal program to support students who move across district boundaries for agricultural purposes, such as crop work or fishing/crabbing. Most of La Conner School District's migrant students are Native American. You can also find us on Facebook by searching for the La Conner Migrant Program.

    If you'd like to see interviews with some of our Special Services staff, including Migrant, you can watch a video of a Town Hall meeting held on Dec 15th, 2021. Click here to watch. Passcode is X=$0azLf. Information about parent rights and complaint procedures is near the end.   

    For more information on eligibility, please read below.

    For more information about the Migrant Education Program statewide, check on OSPI's Migrant Education Page


    Do I Qualify?


    In our Migrant program, students are regularly invited to different programs, conferences, or academies, like "Native Voices", "Dare to Dream", "Migrant Youth Conference", etc.

       Here is a link to see what Native Voices are like and stories about the educators who teach there. 

    Basket Weaving

    Here is a link to check out the Dare to Dream program our Migrant students are invited to each year. 


    Our 6-12th graders attended the Migrant Youth Conference 2021


    Miguel Villegas centered


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