• October 24  was the kick-off for the 5th grade fund raiser for IslandWood Camp!


           Today your child will be bringing home an envelope that contains all the  information about our 5th grade fundraiser.  We are selling products from the  Great American Catalog.  These are high quality items that make perfect holiday gifts.  The kids can take orders  in person through the catalog or set up up an online store at www.bit.ly/helplaconner.  


         The money each student raises goes straight to her or his own IslandWood fee. Any money above that total will go into the general 5th grade fund to helpthe other students. Last year's 5th graders earned almost $2000! 


         If you decide to use the bit.ly account click on "students start here" (green box)  at the very bottom of the screen and use the organizationID#5085881 to set up your child's account.  Below is an image of what you will click on to start the registration process.  Once your student's online store is set-up it will be easy for your friends and family to order online.  

    Click on the green box at the bottom of the page to set up your account



    Brave Duffel Bags -- 5th Grade Fundraiser for IslandWood

    Our second fund raiser is the Brave Duffel Bag.  They are really great bags -- super durable, attractive and very long lasting!  The bags are 11x22 and are $65.  
    LC Duffel Bag

    If you would like more information on either of our fund raisers email me (Jan Auman) at:  jauman@lc.k12.wa.us .  Thank you!