CLASSROOM NEWS  - Updated on 3/25/20

    DAILY SCHEDULE for our 5th Grade Students over the Extended Break
    Reading: Read at least 30 minutes every day!     
    You will need: Books, Magazines, Newspapers, and your Reading Calendar/Planner
    Response to Reading: (20 minutes) Complete a page from the reading response packets we sent home on the last day of school, Monday, March 16. Answer the Reading response questions.
    Writing: Write about something 30 minutes every day: journaling, write a story, make a comic book, write a book! 
    You will need: Notebook or Google Docs
    Please realize that you are living in an extraordinary time. This will be one of the defining moments of your lifetime. Keep a record of your thoughts and feelings and daily activities. Your journal will be primary source material for future generations. 
    Math Fact Fluency: (20 minutes) Practice your math facts. Make it your goal to know all of your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts by the time you return to school. The goal is each fact in less than 3 seconds.   
    You will need: Flashcards, a Deck of Cards, a pair of Dice, or a Computer... multiplication.com
    **Note: Be prepared for a cool reward if you come back knowing all your facts in less than 3 seconds per fact. 
    Math Skill Building: (20 minutes)  You will need: math game packets, IXL.com, a deck of cards, a couple dice, a computer
    Science: (15 minutes) Design and build a paper airplanes. Cook or bake and measure the ingredients as accurately as possible. Plant a garden, and then observe and write about what happens to the garden space every day.  
    You will need things like: Science Books, Cook Books, a Computer, Paper, Seeds, Dirt....your imagination! 
    **Note: Christianson's Nursery - 15806 Best Road - is givng every child a free bundle of plant starts.
    Social Studies: (15 minutes) Listen to, read or watch a news story and talk about it with your parents or friends. Research something in history that interests you. Share with someone what you learned or what you think about this topic. You could even send your teacher an email about the event!  
    You will need: newspapers, magazines, computer, radio, books


    We spent a few days coming up with our classroom expectations...

    • Respect Others
    • Respect Ourselves
    • Respect Time
    • Respect Property
    • Enjoy the Day