• Homework Requirements:

         There are varied forms of homework that students are required to complete.

         The first includes reading at home (R.A.H.) for 20 minutes five times a week, or the equivalent of 100 minutes each full week of school.  Students may complete these 100 minutes in the manner that best fits their home life.  For example, students may read 50 minutes two times a week or 100 minutes on the weekend.  Parents, please show this by helping your child record  the number of minutes read. Parents, please sign or initial the calendar date in your child’s planner each day your child reads.  Those minutes will be turned in and calculated at the end of each month. Please begin recording today!

         Home Connection Activities: will be sent home for your child to complete with a partner at home.

         Please note that you can check out your child's planner to be informed on what's going on at school!