• Homework Requirements:

         Homework includes reading at home (R.A.H.) for 25 minutes 4 days a week (or the equivalent of 100 minutes each full week of school).  Parents, please record the number of minutes read and then sign or initial the calendar date in your child’s planner each day your child reads.  Those minutes will be turned in and calculated at the end of each month.  If your child reads 50 minutes every other day, please indicate this by your signature or initials and the number of minutes read.  Please begin recording today!

         One page of math homework will be assigned each Monday-Thursday.  The skills covered will be skills previously learned.  If you child is unable to complete an item, ask him/her to circle that item and ask for help on the next day.

         There may be times throughout the year that your child has additional homework.  Examples of this type of homework may include, but are not limited to, additional projects or assignments that weren't finished during class.  These assignments will be found in the bring back pocket of the homework folder inside the binder.

         Please note that you can check out your child's planner to keep in the loop with what's going on at school!