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    Welcome and Congratulations to you as a new staff member in La Conner Schools!  


    URGENT Paperwork (please complete and return to HR within a week of hire) 

    For all new hires: 

    1. Fingerprinting:  OSPI requires all employees to be fingerprinted for a full background check (click for more information on this requirement). Employees can not begin working until fingerprints are completed.  
    2. I-9: Employment Eligibility Form. Click here for the form.
      1. Complete Section 1
      2. Check the box with your appropriate resident status.
      3. Remember to sign and date.
      4. Leave the form blank below the signature.
      5. Leave the second page blank.  
    3. Immunizations:  
      1. In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease in a school, the local health office has the authority to exclude all susceptible persons, including school staff.  The authority has been excerised in several school districts where a confirmed case of a vaccine preventable disease has occured.  "Susceptible" means any staff member born after January 1, 1957.  It is strongly recommended that all susceptible staff members (including guest employees) provide evidence of vaccination or immunity to measles, rubella and mumps.  A diphtheria-tetanus booster is also recommended for adults every 10 years. If you need to be immunized or have concerns, please contact your personal physician, clinic or local health department.  
      2. You can choose to take a personal or regligious exemption by checking the appropriate box and sign and date under the exemption section.  A staff member may claim and exemption from teh immunzation document, but may be excluded from their work site for the duration of an outbreak of a disease. 
      3. Instructions for completing the form, click here for the form.:
        1. Complete the top portion of the form with name and date of birth. 
        2. If your birthdate is before January 1, 1957, you only need to complete this portion and sign and date. 
        3. Enter the dates of your MMR Immunization(s) in each box.  The year of the immunization is sufficient.
        4. Sign and date the form at the bottom. 
    4. Washington State Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release
      1. Complete one form for each school district you have worked for in a paid position.  This includes school distircts or private schools in Washington State, another state or another country.
      2. Instructions for completing the form, click here for the form
        1. In the first blank area enter the name and address of your previous district.
        2. If you have never worked in a school district, place an 'x' in teh box in the upper right corner.
        3. In the second blank area enter your personal information as completely as possible.
        4. Sign and date the form.
    5. Form W-4
      1. The W4 Form determines the amount of your Federal withholding taxes.  
      2. Instructions for the form are located at the top of the form.  Click here for the form.
    6. Payroll Direct Deposit
      1. Direct deposit is required for all new employees.
      2. Instructions for completing the form, click here for the form
        1. Complete the information for Primary with the bank information for your net pay to be deposited to. 
        2. Optional - use the Secondary section if you would like part of your pay to go to another account, for example; a certain amount to a savings account. 
        3. Sign the form
        4. Attach or send electronically with the form a voided check or deposit slip. 

    For certificated instructional staff:

    1. Transfer of Records: required for teachers coming from another Washington State School District.  
    2. Verification of Professional Experience: complete one form for each school district you've been employeed with.


    ADDITIONAL Paperwork:  To be completed prior to the first payroll.  

    1. Notice - Please review the attached 




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