Impact Aid
    What is Impact Aid? Impact Aid is a Federal education program that reimburses school districts for the lost revenue and additional costs associated with the presence of nontaxable Federal property. Because most public school districts are funded largely through local taxes and fees, and because Federal land is exempt from taxation, as are many of the businesses and facilities located on that land, districts are containing Federal property are at a financial disadvantage in funding their schools. (www.nafisdc.org) 
    Watch this video for more information: https://youtu.be/jz66BvHr_M0?t=7 
    Impact Aid Overview  

    Impact Aid is not a forward-funded program.  This often means school districts budget and begins their school year before they know how many dollars will be allocated for their district.  This makes budgeting and planning very difficult and could be catastrophic if funding comes in lower than expected and is not adequate to meet the needs of the current school year.   
    For more information about Impact Aid, please contact Business Manager, David Cram
Last Modified on May 3, 2024