Impact Aid
    What is Impact Aid?  Impact Aid is federal funding provided to school districts impacted by nontaxable federal land installations (tribal lands, military installations, etc).  Its purpose is to provide funding where there are otherwise lost revenues and additional costs due to a federal presence.    
    Watch this video for more information: https://youtu.be/jz66BvHr_M0?t=7 

    Impact Aid is not a forward funded program.  This means often school districts budget and begin their school year before they know how many dollars will be allocated for their district.  This makes budgeting and planning very difficult and could be catastrophic if funding comes in lower than expected and is not adequate to meet the needs of the current school year.   
    In recent years impacted schools have experienced a decline in support and a delay in receipt of funds of up to four to five years after the program year.  
    In Septemberschool board member Janie Beasley and school business manager Bonnie Haley traveled to Washington DC to join members of NAFIS (National Association of Federally Impacted Schools) to discuss the issues with members of the Senate and House of Representatives. 
    NAFIS members meeting with Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington D.C. September 2016  
    Washington State members of NAFIS meet with Senator Maria Cantwell in Washington DC - September 2016. 
    For more information about Impact Aid, please contact Business Manager, Bonnie Haley.   
Last Modified on April 4, 2019