• TITLE 1, Part A   and LAP

     Title I is a federal grant program designed to give educational assistance to students performing below grade level, especially students of poverty.  Over 90% of the public school districts in the country receive some sort of Title I funding.   Funding comes through our state education agency (OSPI).   As of August 2016, Title funds are received by La Conner Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.   Funds are used to improve student achievement in core academic subjects, and spending items can include extra staff, professional development, materials, parental involvement activities, extended learning opportunities, and other efforts to improve student performance.  Students in other categorical programs (English Language Learners, Special Education, Title III, and others) are eligible for Title I services provided they meet the qualifications.
    How Students Qualify
    All of the Title I programs in La Conner are Targeted Assistance.   That means that students qualify are found eligible through multiple measures as they are placed in a Title program.   Parents must be notified of this placement and given the opportunity to opt out. 
    Parental Involvement
    Parents influence their child's success much more than any school delivered program.  We encourage your active involvement to:
       1)  Serve as a role model, showing your student that you support his/her education
       2)  Assure that you are aware of your student's educational progress, and demonstrating how important that progress is to you.
       3)  Teach your student that your input at the school is appreciated and that you support its efforts.
    You can involve yourself in the school through activities such as joining school/parent organizations (PTA), supporting extra-curricular activities, volunteering at the school, attending parent-teacher conferences, communicating regularly with your child's teacher(s), and other activities.   Further, parents of students in Title I programs must be provided information about their child's teachers' endorsements and qualifications if requested.   If you have a concern or complaint about your child's Title I services we encourage you to contact the district.  (Andy Wheeler can be reached at (360)466-3171.)   If your complaint is unresolved you may access the Citizen Complaint procedure for the state at http://www.k12.wa.us/TitleI/CitizenComplaint.aspx.
    You can find the LCSD parent involvement policy at 
    SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATION SERVICES:  With the disappearance of the ESEA act, and the introduction of the ESSA in its place, SES (tutoring through an outside agency) will no longer be offered in La Conner School District starting with the 2016-17 school year.  
    District Performance
    You can learn about district performance most succinctly on the OSPI site.  For full information you can go to:
     Andrew Wheeler is the LCSD coordinator for both Title I and LAP programs.  He can be reached at (360)466-3171,  or by email at awheeler@lc.k12.wa.us 
    For schools in a step of improvement, parents have the right to transfer their kids to a school that is NOT in a step of improvement.    Since there is only one school at each level in LaConner School District, this option is not available in the district.   If you would like your child to attend a school other than that of the resident district, please request paperwork for this when you enroll your child for the academic year.   Transportation to an out-of-district school is the responsibility of the parent.
    For more information, please contact Andrew Wheeler using the contact information above.
    LEARNING ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  This state funded program provides extra research-based reading instruction to elementary students who have not met district and state standards.  Small group instruction is provided in addition to core classroom instruction.  
    As with Title I, family involvement is encouraged.    
     Andrew Wheeler is the coordinator for both Title I and LAP programs.  He can be reached at (360)466-3171,  or by email at awheeler@lc.k12.wa.us 
    Title and LAP both help our district with its strategic plan.  You can see the district road map on our website at