Most of the homework assignments given to my students is reading. Occasionally, students will be expected to finish class work at home. New skills will not be assigned as homework.



    Plot Diagrams:

    • Both 7th and 8th grade students are expected to read two chapter books each quarter. After they have finished a book, they are expected to fill out a plot diagram. 
    • At the beginning of each quarter, I add the assignment on skyward, as well as post it on my whiteboard.


    2019-2020 Plot Diagram Due Dates:

      • Quarter 1 Plot Diagram #1 - October 11th (if a student read a book over the Summer, they can use that to complete their first Plot Diagram)
      • Q1 PD#2- November 22th
      • Q2 PD#1- December 20th
      • Q2 PD #2- January 24th
      • Q3 PD#1- March 13th
      • Q3 PD#2- April 3rd
      • Q4 PD#1- May  1st
      • Q4 PD#2- June 11th




    Articles of the Week:

    • This assignment is for 8th grade only.
    • They will be given a passage or a news article to annotate each week, the instructions are very clear on the front page of every AoW.
    • After they have read it, they will answers questions about the excerpt.
    • Typically, the AoW is assigned on a Monday and due on a Friday. Occasionally, drop schedules will interfere and change the due date for one class.


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