• HELLO, La Conner Families!


    Happy May to all!
    Now that we are out of school for the remainder of our school year, we have been learning to communicate in new and different ways! 
    I have enjoyed talking to the kids on the phone, using FaceTime to see each other, sending letters in the mail, and making videos for the Kindergartners,
    which are available on YouTube, under my name: Katie Wigal.
    Our class will also be starting Zoom meetings twice weekly, soon.
    Please know I am here for you!
    I am available for you by e-mail at kwigal@lc.k12.wa.us.
    I am also available by cell phone, where you are welcome to call or text me: 206-972-2973.
    My 'office hours' are 12-2 daily, and during that time I will be checking my phone and email frequently.
    Of course, you may contact me anytime and I will respond within a day to any questions or messages:)
    I am here for our families and community and if I can help anyone in any way, please let me know!
    Katie Wigal



    In our class, we are HANDS-ON, all day long!  This makes teaching virtually very different for us!

    Each week I will continue to put together lots of Practice and Learning Activity options for the kids, in a folder/packet.  

    Packet pick-up is EACH FRIDAY between 10-2 at our Elementary school. 

    Inside these folders are many fun activities for you to do together.

          **Please note that if you are working on 'academics' with your child, do so for short times, perhaps 15 minutes at a time, with breaks for going outside, exercise, and snacks! It's easy to do some things outside, also...like practicing math: addition and subtraction!  Use rocks or flowers that your child finds.  Create a group and add more or take away! Make up stories about them.  I think the most memorable learning comes from creating real life experiences together!

    I pack these folders/packets with lots of activity choices so that hopefully each day, your child will find something fun that s/he would like to do, or maybe a couple options.  It is not necessary to complete ALL of the work in the packet, nor do I need it returned.  It is simply a guide, of activities and stories, to demonstrate what we would normally be practicing together in Kindergarten.

    Generally, you will find:

    Math activities- Number writing practice as well as number ordering, number identification (focus on teen numbers) and addition/subtraction practice

    Literacy activities- Letter -writing practice, C-V-C word practice, word family activities, rhyming, and sight word practice and games

    Seasonal/Informational books and Scholastic Let's Find Out magazines to practice reading.

    Science/Informational activities-  We are now focusing on Life Cycles, Pond Life, and Spring, and will be transitioning to Insects and butterflies soon!

    Fun extra activities- Such as empty paper-books, where the kids can write their own stories, make lists, create characters, or just doodle. 

    **Each week, the YouTube videos I create (search for Katie Wigal) focus on connections to the activities I've sent home in the Practice and Learning folders for the children.  I hope you enjoy them.

    Please check your home emails every Monday for your weekly message from me and the links to all of the videos I've made for you!

    Take care and stay safe and healthy! 

    Miss you all,

    Mrs. Wigal