Updated 08/24/2023

    School Counselor

    Hello! My Name is Eric Crinklaw. I am the School Counselor for La Conner Middle and High School Students.  As a professional school counselor, my responsibilities include social and emotional support, academic support and college and career education and support.  I believe all students have the ability to learn and grow their mindset, leading them to select a career pathway early in their high school  career and are often more successful as they see the relevance and purpose of the courses they are enrolled in throughout their high school experience. I believe that growth and success come from students challenging themselves and leaning into the discomfort that might bring.  The time for them to be challenged is now while they have the support around them. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Email: ecrinklaw@lc.k12.wa.us  

    Schedule Appointment: https://www.myscuta.com/appointment/CrinklawE


    FAFSA APPLICATION CHANGES: ONLINE APPLICATION OPENS IN DECEMBER THIS YEAR:  Both you and your guardian need to complete this application.  FAFSA = Free Application for Student Financial Aid. Apply at:  studentaid.gov 

    FAFSA SUPPORT: WASHINGTON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT COUNCIL (WSAC) gives you step-by-step support as you complete the FAFSA. https://wsac.wa.gov/fafsa-completion


    Juniors - See the link below to a short article with tips about asking for letters of recommendation for college and scholarship applications. Whether you are thinking you'll attend a 4-year university, a 2-year college for a transfer degree, or a technical school (3 months to 2-year programs), you'll need letters of recommendation. 

    TAKE THE SAT - Washington State Public Universities are no longer requiring the SAT as a part of their admission process. Private colleges and schools outside of Washington State may continue to require these pre-college tests. Both the SAT and ACT are offered throughout the year at other locations. If you would like to register for either the SAT or ACT to be taken at a location other than LCHS, register through the testing website:  collegeboard.org (for SAT) or ACT.org for the ACT exam. Fees for both exams are approximately $60.00. Waivers are available for those families qualifying for free and reduced lunch. 


    TIPS FOR COLLEGE APPLICATIONS  This is for you, Juniors!  WWU gives you good information about how to stand out when you are completing your college applications.




    BTC CAREER PATHWAYS SURVEY  Short survey that matches your interests in Bellingham Technical College programs. 

    CAREERS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY  Good Article about options other than four-year college programs.   

    APPRENTICESHIPS Q AND A  this is a good link for apprenticeships in general.  



    11TH GRADE CHECKLIST  Tips for preparing to apply to Universities and Four-Year Colleges.

    SAT Practice with Kahn Academy  - Think about answering one question a day.