• Updated 12/8/2020

    Hello!  I'm Lori Buher, your school counselor!   I'm Lori Buher, School and Career Counselor for La Conner Middle and High School Students. The 2022/2023 school year will bring exciting learning opportunities, challenges, both positive and negative, and, at some point during the year, anxiety for students, staff, and families. Please be assured that the counseling staff has prepared for the virtual learning world and will be supporting classroom education about emotional health, small groups, and clubs for positive social interaction, individual counseling, and family support as much as possible. Please reach out to me or to any of the staff you feel comfortable with for concerns or guidance. We are here for you all.

    Counseling Hours:  Monday - Friday 7:45 am - 3:15 pm

    Virtual Braves Space Hours:  Monday - Friday:  8:30 - 9:30 am and 2:00 - 3:00 pm.  

    For Zoom conferences:  Please email to schedule a time.  Mrs. Buher's Zoom Room

    We welcome parent and family participation and hope everyone realizes how critical it is to be involved at this time in their children's lives. Middle School is exhilarating for our children. It is a time of great mental, physical and social-emotional growth.  It is important to consider all three aspects of our student's development in the classroom. 
    Some students embrace this time of transition, while others tend to be a little more introverted, really take the changes to heart, and require a bit more time adjusting. Parents can comfort their children and reassure them that they will face this time together.  As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to know just what level of involvement is needed, so please don't hesitate to reach out. 
    Middle school students have a need to become more independent while at the same time depending on their parents to guide them in their growth. They continue to look to you for guidance, no matter how hard they seem to be trying to push you away. Continue to instill in your child that set of core values we all need to be successful in life; compassion, honesty, respect, integrity, and fairness.
    Please call or visit anytime! Your child's middle school health and well-being are important to all of us.  For Swinomish Counseling contacts, please click here
    466-4113 ext 3681