• Updated 8/24/2023

     Eric Crinklaw (Counselor)

    Hello! My Name is Eric Crinklaw. I am the School Counselor for La Conner Middle and High School Students.  As a school counselor, my responsibilities include social and emotional support, academic support and college and career education and support for all students. I believe all students have the ability to learn and grow their mindset. I also believe that growth and success come from students challenging themselves.  Middle school students naturally seek independence while at the same time needing guidance from parents and other adult role models as they grow.  They will attempt to push away and it is vital that you continue to continue to promote those values we all need to be successful as we prepare for increased independence; compassion, honesty, respect, integrity, and fairness. Call or visit anytime.  There is a link below to schedule an appointment or you can call me at 360-466-3173 ext. 3681.

    Email: ecrinklaw@lc.k12.wa.us  

    Schedule Appointment: https://www.myscuta.com/appointment/CrinklawE