• Shegay Vanderpool

    La Conner Elementary School

    K-5 Counselor

    K-4 Music

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 3:00 Please contact me via email @ svanderpool@lc.k12.wa.us or if you do not have internet access call 360-708-5873 please leave your name and a message. I will respond at least within 24 hours to both email or phone calls. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


    What a interesting journey we have all been on. I hope everyone can take a much needed break. I do love the summers in Washington and I plan to spend as much time outside as possible.

    I hope music is a part of your lives and that you encourage your students to enjoy listening, playing, and participating anyway they can. There is really no special preparation for the coming school year.

    If there is anything you need from me please don't hesitate to get ahold of me---you can always email me at  svanderpool@lc.k12.wa.us --- I check my email frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.

    I have enjoyed seeing a lot of the students via Zooms --- I have truly missed the kids at school and our regular school day but am thankful that technology has helped to keep us connected.

    Have a wonderful summer and I will see you in Septmeber.  Shegay Vanderpool









    If you are wondering about MUSIC here are a few ideas:

    Grades K-3 ---  #1 If you have internet google "Prodigies Music" --- sing, hand-signs, video lessons, etc. This is what I use in class sometimes and so it should look familiar to you. 

    #2 Make your own rhythm instrument:

       Empty toliet paper roll, paper towel roll, or wrapping paper roll

       Cover one end with strong tape or with cloth or paper and tape around on the end (make it strong)

       Put about 1 cup of rice, beans, small rocks, or ??? 

       Cover the open end with the same thing you covered the other end

       Turn on some music and have fun keeping the beat...sing along with it if you can!

    Grade 4 Recorders ---

    #1 This is TIME TO PRACTICE --- good thing you have a practice recorder at home. IF you have internet you can get a lot of help if you google what you are looking for, i.e. treble clef notes, how to count music, songs for playing recorder (most of you know notes B, A, G, E, and some have moved beyond. Find music that you can play and even try some new notes).

    #2 All of you should have copies of music from class. If you do not have internet access just work on the music you have. 

    IF any 4th grader NEEDS music I am willing to meet you at school and bring some music out to you---keeping a safe distance (of course). I have packets ready to go --- it will be the same music that we would be working on in class. Please email me: svanderpool@lc.k12.wa.us and we can work out a time for you to come by the school and pick up music.

    I hope you are ALL taking care of yourself and your family. I MISS YOU ALL! 

    April and May

     Well, as we head into the end of our school year I will miss singing with you and playng instruments. We were really going to go through a check list toward the end of school and check the following things:

    *Pitch --- I  play a note and you sing that note back to me (grades K - 3)

    *Rhythm --- Clap rhythms and read rhythms (grades K - 3)

    *Notes --- Name notes in the first octave of the treble clef (grade 3)

    *Identify --- treble clef sign, measure, barline, time signature, (and a few new ones that I had not introduced yet) (primarily grade 3)

    Grade 4 How are you doing with "Recorder Karate"? How far have you been able to play? My recommend to you is to keep practicing. The more you practice the better prepared you will be for band in Grade 5 (can you believe you are headed to 5th grade next year) --- I remember when you came to Kindergarten --- WoW! I have been practicing my recorder at home too --- I miss playing with you!

    Counseling: If there is anything I can do for any of you PLEASE let me know. I have a good referral list for outside counseling for anyone who might want to consider this for the rest of the spring and into the summer months. You can call the school and they will get in touch with me. I am happy to talk to you over the phone. Some of you have taken me up on this and called and I hope it was helpful; I really enjoyed talking to you.