Will Nelson Superintendent Will Nelson

Lynette Cram Vice-President Lynette Cram
Distrct 4
4-year term ends 2023
John Agen, School Board Director John Agen
District 1
4-year term ends 2023
Amanda Director Amanda Bourgeois
District 2
4-year term ends 2025
Director Wilbur Director Jeremy Wilbur
District 3
4-year term ends 2025
Chair Deyo President Susie Deyo
District 5
4-year term ends 2025
  • School Board July 2021
    The La Conner School Board of Directors and the superintendent are constantly assessing the community's needs and aspirations to develop an educational program that is consistent with the District's resources. Community members are encouraged to communicate their ideas to the Board members and the superintendent.

    Specific duties of the local Board of Directors include:

    • Employing a school superintendent, principals, teachers, and other personnel.
    • Establishing appropriate courses of study equal to or greater than required by the State Board of Education.
    • Adopting a school budget.
    • Determining local levies.
    • Assessing teaching materials.
    • Establishing local policies as appropriate.

    The Superintendent of schools is selected by the Board of Directors to serve as its chief executive officer. It is the responsibility of the superintendent to recommend the appointment of all other personnel to the Board and to bring recommendations to the Board for action in carrying on the work of the District.

    Regular meetings of the Board are held at 5:00 P.M. on the fourth Monday of each month, except December and May when the Board meets on the third Monday. The meetings are held in the Board of Directors' room in the District Office building. Meeting agendas are available in the superintendent's office two days before each regular meeting and can also be found by clicking the Agenda page.

    All regular and special board meetings are open to the public. All actions authorized or required by law are taken at open meetings. The Board may, however, meet in executive (closed) sessions to discuss dealing with personnel, property consideration, employee negotiations, or possible litigation.

    Constituents of the La Conner School District who plan to comment on agenda items at board meetings are encouraged to contact the superintendent in advance. By using this process the Board can be prepared to answer specific questions and have any requested information available.


    Current School Board Members: 
    Email: School Board Directors 
    John Agen, School Board
    District 1
    360-503-4049 (c)
    4-year term ends 2023

    District 2
    Appointment ends 2021
    Director Wilbur  
    District 3
    Appointment ends 2021


    Lynette Cram  
    District 4
    360-391-5704 (c)
    4-year term ends 2023 
    Chair Deyo
    Chairman Susan Deyo 
    District 5
    4-year term ends 2021
    Will Nelson
    Secretary to the Board
    Eleanor Drews    Delaney Cobbs
    2021-2022 Student Representatives - On July 28, 2021, Eleanor Drews and Delaney Cobbs were sworn in as student board representatives to the La Conner School Board to serve through June 2022. They are expected to attend all regular board meetings, study sessions, site visits, board retreats, occasional special events, and conferences. They will also have opportunities to meet other leaders and elected officials throughout their term. While the student representatives don’t have official voting authority, student voice is an important and integral part of the board’s deliberations. Our student representatives help us better understand how decisions directly impact our students. Their input is invaluable and important to maintain student voice as part of the board’s work. 
Last Modified on September 7, 2021