• Mr. Clark
    McKenzie Clark
    Director of Bands & Choirs
    360-466-4113 ext. 2420
    Concert Band (5th Grade)
    Symphonic Band (Middle School)
    Symphonic Choir (Middle School)
    Wind Ensemble (High School)
    Chamber Choir (High School)
    Welcome La Conner Musicians and Families!
    What is expected of Band & Choir students right now?
    • If you can go online:
      • Join Google Classrom
        • Chamber Choir - yhlllfn
        • Symphonic Band - w7okmbp
        • Symphonic Choir - cwy5dff
        • Wind Ensemble - 733mfvy
    • If you do not have regular online access:
      • Please communicate with either the school or myself what your needs are. If you need internet, or a device, we may be able to equip you.
    Office Hours
    I am available Monday through Friday from 11am - 1pm.
    I am also willing to schedule appointments outside these times.
    The number one way to contact me is email: mclark@lc.k12.wa.us
    You can also call or text me at 360-399-6423. Note: this is a Google Voice number that logs communication.
    Learning Opportunities
    I will be adding more learning opportunities as we continue to develop our process.